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I'm a simple southern girl. Thanks to my culinarily-talented family, I've nurtured an addiction to cheese grits and biscuits, and I know that butter is the key to heaven on earth (or at least in the kitchen). I'm a loud and proud Girl Raised In The South headed to college in the Green Mountain State in the fall, and this blog is dedicated to chronicling my culinary journey and capturing the endless adventures that are sure to accompany it.

Another Semester Down and a Sweet Potato Splurge

My mom shuffled through the door balancing a suitcase and an over-packed and poorly-duct-taped box, and my dad carried his weight in tote bags filled with winter coats, spiral-bound notebooks, and packets of sticky notes. A pale and sheepish mono-ridden … Continue reading

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Full of Thanks…and Pumpkin Tea Bread.

I know I’m home when I wake up with an allergy attack to my own chocolate lab curled up at the foot of my bed.  While he may be the premier snuggle buddy in the Southeast, my twin bed is … Continue reading

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Crashes and Fat Balls

Sometimes it takes colliding with big, scary mountains to realize that our daily challenges are merely molehills.  Today, it took me crashing into a 1998 tan Buick to notice that rolling out of bed in the morning to silence my … Continue reading

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Summer Gazpacho and Citrus Baked Salmon

If you had asked me of my fish preferences a year ago, I would have told you I stick to purely Swedish or tuna fish in a can.  And if it was tuna, it better have been camouflaged in a … Continue reading

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Lifeguarding Lessons and Carrot Cake

Just like any job, there are tricks to my trade.  I may not have the fanciest magnifying glass in a group of private investigators or be able to count cards at a gambling table in Las Vegas, but my co-workers … Continue reading

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The Double Caramel Turtle Cake Challenge

One of the birthday perks in my household is that you design the dinner menu on your special day.  In honor of my mother, October 3rd is usually filled with spaghetti and hints of red meat sauce staining the corners … Continue reading

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The Breakfast Challenge: Buttermilk-Apple Coffee Cake

Here most of my friends and I are three weeks out of exams, however today marks the real start of summer in my town. If alarm clocks went off this morning, it was for the sole purpose of beating the … Continue reading

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