Cheese Muffins and Vocabulary Lessons

The Cheese Muffin in its prime.

Now I can’t boast that I know how to say a large quantity of words in five languages.   (Because that would be such a lie).  However, there is one word that I can proudly say in five different languages because it has truly been a necessity to know before traveling (or, ahem, going to different ethnic restaurants). So here’s to your vocabulary lesson of the day: Cheese. Queso. Fromage. Fromaggio.  Queijo.

Mix until barely blended.

When I was younger, my parents used to hang out in the kitchen and would sing their own little remix to that “Anything You Can Do” song.  My mom would sing, “Anything you can cook, I can cook better,” and my dad would respond, “I can cook anything better with CHEESE.” And he was 100% correct.  Whether it was adding cheese to toast, casseroles, or grits (my favorite), his recipes were the BOMB.  From this young age, I was (happily) exposed to the magic of cheese.  And even now, the power of cheese never ceases to amaze both my taste buds and me.

Straight out of the oven.

A handful of years ago, my mom used our family friend, Mrs. B’s, recipe to make a batch of muffins.  These weren’t just any old muffins; these were CHEESE muffins.  Muffins de queso.  Fromage.  Fromaggio.  Queijo.  And let me just tell you–these muffins reinforced all of my previous beliefs in the wonders of cheese.  Being in my high-metabolism elementary-school days, I ate these balls of magic by the fistful.  My brothers and I would sneakily set our alarms an eensy bit earlier than what we usually did, in hopes that we would be the first to the kitchen to eat the leftover cheese muffins for breakfast.  (During my high school years, the food would change, but we referred to this as the “Eggo Waffle War”).

The Final Product.

Craving something cheesy and wonderful, my friend, Sarah, and I whipped up a batch of Mrs. B’s cheese muffins last night for our Girls’ Night.  We ate dinner with our friends, Daisy and Gwynedd, and her parents, and then sprawled out on her oh-so-comfy couch to watch Pretty Little Liars.  The addictive show was filled with suspense and bad-acting, and our stomachs were filled with lasagna, Sarah’s mom’s homemade garlic knots, and cheese muffins (heyyyy carbs).

Sarah + Cheese Muffin

Should we save these for dinner? Nahh...

Here are your instructions to make all cheese-connoisseurs (and anyone not lactose-intolerant) love you:

Cheese Muffins

Source: Catherine B. (The recipe resides in Amy Weir’s ragged, tattered, ripped, and loved cookbook).

Time: 10 minutes prep, 15-20 minutes to bake

Ingredients: 3 c coarsely grated sharp cheddar, 1 ½ c flour, 2 ½ tsp baking powder, 1 tbl sugar, ½ tsp salt, 1 egg, 1 c milk, 4 tbl melted butter.


  1.   Stir cheese into the dry ingredients.
  2.  In separate bowl beat the egg and milk, then mix into dry ingredients until barely blended.
  3.   Add butter.  Bake in greased mini muffin pans at 350º for 15-20 minutes.

Eat while hot.  If you are going to eat them as leftovers, WARM THEM. 

Voila.  Now you’re ready to take on the world (at least the cheese world).  Embrace the magic of the cheese, and please go try these decadent (yet so easy) cheese muffins.  Bye.  Adios.  Au Revoir.  Ciao.  Adeus.

Proof we're...not anorexic?


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I'm a simple southern girl. Thanks to my culinarily-talented family, I've nurtured an addiction to cheese grits and biscuits, and I know that butter is the key to heaven on earth (or at least in the kitchen). I'm a loud and proud Girl Raised In The South headed to college in the Green Mountain State in the fall, and this blog is dedicated to chronicling my culinary journey and capturing the endless adventures that are sure to accompany it.
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    Great post, GRITS!

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