Hugs and Quiches, Woodlawn. It’s Been Real. (via Woodlawn Kitchen)

Check out my final blog entry for Woodlawn School’s Kitchen Blog. And seriously, y’all, this quiche is to-die-for. Whip it up RIGHT now and you won’t be sorry. Quiches, Sayre.

Hugs and Quiches, Woodlawn. It's Been Real. Some things in life are simply hard to believe.  Like… -the fact that it is somehow June 3, 2011—only five days before my high school graduation, -the forecast of 100º for this coming week  (Get me outta hurrr!), -the fact that I just made the … Read More

via Woodlawn Kitchen


About sayre1311

I'm a simple southern girl. Thanks to my culinarily-talented family, I've nurtured an addiction to cheese grits and biscuits, and I know that butter is the key to heaven on earth (or at least in the kitchen). I'm a loud and proud Girl Raised In The South headed to college in the Green Mountain State in the fall, and this blog is dedicated to chronicling my culinary journey and capturing the endless adventures that are sure to accompany it.
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